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The Superstar Interviews
Frances Jones
Founder & CEO
Cole Media Management

Your Formula for Fundraising
Diana DiResta, CSP
Founder & CEO
DiResta Communications Inc.

Perfecting Your Presence
Tara Wilder
Online Marketer
Envivo Creative

How to Grow an Online Following of Raving Fans and Ideal Clients
Janet Wise
Career Strategist & Executive
Brand Advisor

Advantage U: Bankable Brilliance: Why Building Your Personal Expert Brand is Good for Business
Bearj Jehanian
Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader
J Looney
Private Chef, Food Advocate, & Food Mentor
David Gruder
Success Psychologist "America's Integrity Expert"
Jennifer Faherty
Certified Financial Planner, Life Coach & Founder of Financial Wealth-Being
Penny Zenker
International Speaker, Trainer & Best-Selling Author

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs
Katrina Tse
Relationship Coach, Legendary Love for Life

Work Life Balance in the Modern Day World
Primavera Salva
Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Yogi

How Spirituality Can Improve Your Work Life
Jacqueline Gioertz
Natural Born Healer

Manifesting Magic
Khadya Hale
Founder & CEO
Khadya's VA Solutions

Laying the Framework for Your Empire
Randi Levin
Founder & CEO
Randi Levin Coaching

How to Disempower FEAR to Empower You!
Jodi Flynn
Women Taking the Lead

How to Always be Calm and Power in Our Businesses
Emi Kirschner
Emi Kirschner Coaching

How to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Empire
Emi Kirschner

Emi Kirschner is a speaker, coach, author and the creator of the online course, The Success Blueprint. She masterfully combines her deep intuitive abilities with the analytical to help creative entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.  

Committed to impacting 1 million entrepreneurs, Emi uses her proprietary Life Blueprint System™ to help her high level, Legacy Leader clients double and triple their income by empowering them to step into the CEO role in their business and giving the tools to implement marketing, sales and operational strategies that result in increased profitability and more freedom in the rest of their lives.

She is the co-author of Get Results: Learn the Fast Track to Success in Life and Business. A handy guide for anyone who wants to increase their performance. 

Emi lives outside of Philadelphia with her two teenage boys and two dogs. A beach lover, Emi plans her extensive travel around where she can wear flip flops.

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